Rosland Gold Website

Client:  Rosland Gold UK
Partner:  Delta Web Solutions
Role:  UX Designer
Year:  2017

Rosland Gold is a gold specialist that sells precious gold coins.
The company approached Delta Web Solutions for their site rebranding.

Their original site, they felt, wasn't converting as well as it could or should.  They also felt that they weren't telling enough of their story or educating potential consumers about their product; gold and its historical value.

In this project, I had the opportunity to develop myself and learn more about user journeys and creating user personas.  
We started with a kick-off meeting where we explored the client's needs / wants.  We then presented some of our inspirations and initial ideas on design and thoughts on what their competitors did wrong and right.

In the end, I created a style guide with components, type, colors, icons as well as complete views of the various pages that would be on the rosland website.

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