Client:  Betalo
Role:  UX Designer
Year: 2016

Betalo is an international money transfer service, whose product is essentially an app that allows you to transfer money globally with very little transfer fees.  During the time I worked with Betalo, the company was only a bill paying service that allowed you to pay your bills using your credit card.

With this in mind, I reviewed, tested, and reworked their checkout process and redesigned ( or reskinned ) their existing platform.  In all honesty, I knew very little about financial markets or finance in general, so my drive or focus was rooted in my experince using other payment platforms/gateways like Paypal and Stripe.  As much as I pushed to shorten the distance between the time you enter your credit card to sending a payment, in the end a lot of the original checkout process remained. 

Shortly after I created the redesign, the CEO of the company brought in a new team that included a new CTO, Product Manager, and Designer. Therefor most of the design work I did isn't visible today.  However, the layout and flow of the current app were modeled after the work that we did during my time there.